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 Will you place ads on my site?
 AptHost will NOT place ads on your site. That is one of the many advantages of having a paid host.
 Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?
 Yes, you can upgrade at any time by logging into our Client Portal. It is free to upgrade and the only charge would be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to. For
 Can you tell me a little about your company and network?
 Please read the following page, which contain information pertaining to our company and network. If you still have more questions, just send our sales department an email at
 Do you allow sites to advertise for money, on their web site?
 Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.
 How can I test your speed?
 We offer 3 different ways for you to test how fast we are in your location. Download a test file - 5MB Test File / 50MB Test
 What forms of payment do you accept?
 We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Money/Check order. Additionally, we will accept orders via Western Union, as long as the Western Union payment fee is covered in the transaction. For more information regarding alternative p
 Are your server's Unix / Linux, or Windows NT?
 All servers at are Linux servers running Cent OS 5.
 Do you allow adult sites?
 Yes, we allow adult sites. They must be legal in the United States of America.We recommend reading our Terms of Service, which is located at:
 What control panel do you use?
 The control panel we use is called cPanel.
 Can I pay monthly?
 Yes, you may pay month to month with no contracts.
 Can I host friends on a shared acount?
 Yes, you may host your friends. If you want your friends to have their own control panels for their sites, you'll need to get a reseller account.
 How long does it take to setup my account?
 Upon signing up, you'll receive an email stating that has received your order and is processing it. You may then receive an email which states if you have balances that need to be paid prior to account activation. After your order has been pai
 Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?
 There are no hidden fees or additional costs on any plan.
 How much is extra bandwidth and space?
 We do not sell out bandwidth and space as needed. In order to receive more Space and Bandwidth you will need to upgrade to a higher plan. You may automatically upgrade your hosting account at or you can email us at
 Do you offer Telnet or SSH access?
 We do not offer Telnet access however we do offer SSH Access. Please contact Technical Support for assistance with accessing your account via SSH.
 Can I password protect directories?
 Yes, you can password protect directories within cPanel.
 Does AptHost support JSP, ASP and/or ColdFusion?
 No. Active Server Pages (ASP) and ColdFusion (CF) are primarily designed for use on Windows NT-based web servers and all of our servers are UNIX-based. While java script is fully supported we do not support Java servlets (JSP) at this time.
 Does AptHost support PHP, MySQL and/or Perl?
 Yes, all of our servers fully support PHP, MySQL and Perl. All of our plans include MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin is installed on all servers to aid you in creating and maintaining your MySQL databases.
 Where is your company located at?
 Our main offices are located in Seattle, WA. Our servers are located in datacenters in Dallas.
 Can you host .ca domains? .nl? .us? others?
 We can host ANY domain, just as long as you have the ability to point it at our nameservers. If you're unsure, try setting your domain's nameservers to: and If you receive an error, then it may be likely that your
 Is my credit card information safe?
 Your entire sign up, from beginning to end, will be protected with 256 bit SSL encryption. On top of this, your credit card will be encrypted, when stored in our database. Each encrypted credit card requires 2 keys to unencrypted. [1] A Hash key whi
 Why was the order I placed marked as fraud?
 A small percentage of AptHost's orders are marked as fraud. Every now and then, we mark someone who is actually legitimate as fraud for one of many reasons. Here are a few possibilities: 1. Your IP may have been too far of a distance from the listed ad
 What if I need more space and bandwidth?
 If you need additional space and bandwidth, you can simply upgrade your account to a higher plan. Upgrading your plan provides a much better value than paying for more bandwidth and storage on the side.
 Does AptHost serve International clients?
 Yes, international clients are more than welcome at AptHost.
 How long has AptHost been in business?
 AptHost was formed officially in 2000. We started selling our services on the web in early 2003.
 Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?
 You have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure.
 Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the WWW?
 Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the WWW in front. For example, you could access the domain name "" by going to "" as well as "".
 Can I buy domains names from AptHost?
 Yes, you can buy domain names from us, please visit Domain names through AptHost start for as low as $14.95/year.
 I have my own SSL certificate--can AptHost install it for me?
 Sure! We allow you to use your own SSL certificate if you'd like. There is a $15 fee involved in installing certificates. This service is offered for free on our Power 50, Power 200, rPower 150 and rPower 200 plans. Contact us for assistance.
 Does AptHost have client testimonials that I can read?
 Yes, you can read testimonials from other AptHost clients, located at http
 Is PHP Safe Mode Turned On?
 No We have safe mode turned off, however you can turn it on for your account by creating your own php.ini file and inputting the configuration change there.
 Is FFMPEG included in Reseller Packages?
 FFMPEG is fully supported across all of our Reseller Hosting plans.
 Do you guys overload your servers?
 We have a strict policy when it comes to server load. We have optimized our servers to be fully compatible with FFmpeg scripts and CPU friendly at the same time. We will never put more then 250 accounts on a server and our aim will always be to keep the a
 What is Overselling?
 Overselling basically means to sell beyond the means of delivery. It keeps hosting prices at low rates. And it is also widely abused as many companies go too far with it to keep prices lower than the competition. Overselling is also common in other indust
 How do I transfer my web site with no downtime?
 How do I transfer my web site with no down time? Most people who decide to move their web sites to us from another host want to know how to do so without having any downtime and without losing any of their emails. Below are the instructions on how you
 Is there a daily bandwith limit?
 No. There's no Daily Bandwidth Limit, we operate on a Monthly Bulk Limit. That being said, if a site is getting pounded with traffic, often times the servers are unable to handle it. For example, if you're on an Ultralite Account and normally sites would
 Do you support Tomcat?
 We currently do not support the Tomcat software for the Java client. There have been many holes found in the software which can affect other users in a shared environment. We can however install it on a dedicated server. Dedicated servers start at $99/mon
 How long will it take for you to install my Clip-Share or PHPmotion script?
 Requests can be submitted via: The installation should not take more then a couple hours maximum, usually the installation is completed within 1-2 hours of submission. We will check to make sure the in
 What happens if my account exceeds the bandwidth limit?
 When your account reaches the bandwidth limit, it will display a '406 bandwidth exceeded' message. Unlike most hosting providers, we will NOT charge extra for exceeding your bandwidth limit as you cannot exceed your bandwidth limit. Please note that you w
 Do you accept e-gold?
 We're sorry but we do not accept e-gold as a payment method.
 Can you install Red5?
 Unfortunately we cannot install RED5 on any shared hosting environment due to the intensive CPU nature of RED5, it is not meant to be in a shared environment, however we can install RED5 for you on any of our VPS or dedicated hosting solutions. Just submi
 Compliance with U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC")
 Regulations established by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury prohibit us from providing services to individuals and companies in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria or to those that are iden
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