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Pre-Sales Questions (42) Control Panel (22)
Will you place ads on my site?Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?more topics How many scripts are available in Fantastico?How do I find out what my server name is?more topics
FTP (8) Paths (10)
My ftp fails to connect why?My FTP is really slow or disconnects a lot. Why?more topics What is the path to my users files?What is the local path to perl?more topics
E-mail (16) Billing (17)
Why do e-mails with attachments not work?Email Troubleshootingmore topics How can I update my billing info?I forgot my login to the Client Portal, how do I get it?more topics
Resellers (13) SSL (10)
Do you have a manual for our control panel?Where do I go to login to my reseller control panel?more topics What is the difference between shared SSL and private SSL?more topics
Software Versions (7) Domain Names (18)
What version of cPanel are you using?What version of GD or ImageMagik do you use?more topics How long does it take to get my domain working?How can I register domain name only?more topics
Account (23) Frontpage (1)
What is the difference between parked, addon, and subdomains?Quota error: new account has space usedmore topics Why are my FrontPage extensions not working?more topics
Abuse (1) miscellaneous (28)
Where can I report abuse and or spamming?more topics Complete Internet GlossaryFacts on Bandwidthmore topics
How To's (14) Pre-Installed Scripts (6)
How do I make .htaccess to protect directories?How do I stream music off my account?more topics Do you offer any scripts for your customers?What payment gateways are supported by the Agora Cart?more topics
Affiliate Program (16) ClientExec (6)
How do I sign up?When do I get paid?more topics Crontab is not available in your system or you don't have permissions to use itWhat are keywords from the difference cron entries for each service?more topics
PHP Information (9) Dedicated Servers (29)
Can I use PHP in conjunction with my SQL?What version of PHP do I have?more topics How to update cpanel license file to correct Invalid License FileHow to re-add an addon domain when cpanel says its already configuredmore topics
FFmpeg & Mencoder (13) VPS Hosting (7)
What is the path to FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP?What is the path to MPlayer, Mencoder & FlvTool2?more topics What operating system is available with AptHost's VPS plans?What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?more topics
PHPmotion (1)
Unable to login to siteadmin (forgot password)more topics
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